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Whitewater rafting in Geilo Whitewater rafting in Geilo Two rafts in the white waters of Numedalsl?gen river
Whitewater rafting in Geilo Two rafts in the white waters of Numedalsl?gen river
Rafting in Geilo with Serious Fun.
Photo: Emile Holba
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Water fun in Geilo

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Near Geilo, you will find one of Europe's best rafting rivers. Here you can throw yourself out into the wildest rapids or join a calm family trip.                        

Rafting in the Numedalslågen River

The Numedalslågen River runs through Dagali, which is the starting point for the rafting trips in the Geilo area. The upper part, Dagalifallene, is considered one of Europe's best rafting rivers, with clean, fresh water straight from the Hardangervidda National Park. Foreign guests can't believe their own eyes when they see that they can drink the river water. 

Here they also hold the Dagali River Festival each summer, with international competitions in rafting and kayaking; and during the whole summer, kayakers come from the whole world to paddle in the rapids. 

When Can One Raft?

The season lasts from approximately May 20th to September/October. In the spring floods, when all the meltwater from the snow melting in the mountains fills the river, there is a lot of water and the river goes fast and rough. Some parts of the river are not suitable for rafting at this time, but experienced guides always know where one can raft safely, irrespective of the water levels. 

In July, the river settles down and one can raft in other parts of the river. This is the time for the best extreme trips; as there is still a lot of water, but the river is no longer flooded. Slightly calmer water flow makes the river sections that are tough during the flood now suitable for families and for those wanting a calmer trip.


Rafting is an enormously exciting experience suitable for everyone who can tolerate water. In Geilo, there are several companies who offer rafting and other river sports for both the adventurous tough guys and families with children who want an enjoyable and exciting day. 

Rafting is incredibly exciting and fun. You challenge yourself and your own boundaries, and you will experience an adrenaline rush and butterflies in your stomach. You are totally focused on what you are doing then and there, and you are vividly present in the midst of the experience. 

You get butterflies in your stomach, you look forward to the next rapids, you hold on tightly, and are a little afraid of falling out into the water. The boat drops, the water splashes your face, and it is impossible not to laugh loudly. 

In a raft, you must cooperate with the other participants, as it doesn't work for you to do your own thing:  you all have to paddle together and follow the guide's commands in order to steer the boat. 

In addition, rafting is a grand nature experience, with gushing rivers and magnificent scenery. 


Serious Fun

Serious Fun Rafint Center - Rafting and duckies
+47-400 05 786

Dagali Fjellpark

Dagali Fjellpark (Full On)
Perstulvegen 100
3588 DAGALI     


Dagali Opplevelser


DagaliOpplevelser - Rafting and riverboards
+47-32 09 38 20

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