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Hiking up the prestholtstairs Hiking up the prestholtstairs Hiking up the prestholtstairs
Hiking up the prestholtstairs Hiking up the prestholtstairs
Hiking up the prestholtstairs.
Photo: Emile Holba

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Hiking in Geilo

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Norway is one of the few countries in the world where one can roam freely in nature. In Hol Municipality, where most of the area is mountainous and uncultivated land, we have a network of passage roads and trails that have existed for several hundred years. A large portion of these are cleared and marked. Here are wide plains and steep, mountain cliffs. Countless possibilities. The choice is yours.

Hallingskarvet / Prestholt Round

At the foot of the mighty Hallingskarvet mountains, and at the entrance to the Hallingskarvet National Park, lies Prestholtseter. The stone steps up Prestholtskaret makes the summit trip a pure joy. The steps are laid with the expert help of Sherpas from Nepal. The Prestholt Round is approximately a 2-hour trip of 6.5 km. This is a great scenic hike, whether one chooses to experience the sunrise, morning light, dusk, or perhaps the sunset. A road goes in to the Prestholtseter from Geilo. The most fit can start the trip from the center of Geilo, follow the Pilvegen road up to Geilohovda, and further westward passed Gullsteinhovda and Urundberget.

When to go hiking in Geilo

The seasons in the Norwegian mountains:

Summer: Late June - August - Well suited for hiking

Autumn: August - October - Good for hiking until the first snowfalls, usually in late September/early October

Winter: November - April - Skiing only

Spring: May - June - Skiing in the higher areas, hiking is possible in the valleys and lower areas


From July, Hardangervidda is available for hiking. Hardangervidda is Geilo’s nearest neighbour in the west, - and is Northern Europe’s largest high-mountain plateau and Norway’s largest national park. The area is an eldorado for mountain hikers with our without a tent and fishing pole. The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) offers a network of well-marked trails and many cabin accommodations. Geilo, and several places along the RV7 highway, are great starting points for a day trip or a week’s trip «from cabin to cabin.» During the summer, there are buses crossing the Hardangervidda plateau, and the Tuva bus drives round-trip Geilo—Tuva Tourist Cabin from Monday to Friday. The Hardangervidda plateau is especially important as a habitat for the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe. So bring some binoculars with you in your rucksack.

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Hiking trips around Geilo

Outtt has hiking and biking descriptions, maps and more. Still, remember to bring map and Compass on longer hikes.
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Hiking maps for the Geilo Area

You can get free maps at the Tourist Information or at your hotel in Geilo. Larger maps with more details can be purchased at the Tourist Information or the bookstore.

Download hiking map for Geilo - Skurdalen - Dagali - Ustaoset - Haugastøl

Hiking map for Hol - Hovet - Sudndalen

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