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A single fly fisher in Skurdalsjorden A single fly fisher in Skurdalsjorden Misty morning with a single fly fisher in Skurdalsfjorden
A single fly fisher in Skurdalsjorden Misty morning with a single fly fisher in Skurdalsfjorden
Fly fishing in Skurdalsfjorden.
Photo: Emile Holba
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Catch your own fish in Geilo

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Sport fishing is an important part of the Norwegian outdoor activity culture. The activity is suited for everyone. Geilo and Hol municipality offers lots of fishing opportunities in rivers and lakes. Fishing is relatively easily accessible — not least here in the mountain municipality in upper Hallingdal.

Fishing tips

Remember that the ice melts late in the mountains. Waters that are in the high alpine areas, like Skorpa and Hallingskarvet, are often not free of ice before well into July. If, in addition, the late summer and fall weather is cold, the fish might not bite at all. Concentrate then on the waters that are located in the lower regions.

The availability of nutrients is often limited in the mountains, so often the waters are almost crystal clear. This results in the fish being easily frightened. Pay attention when you walk along the shore (the trout can be very close to the shore), and don't use thicker line than necessary. If you are using a colorful multifilament, you would do well to tie on a leader with a more "invisible" monofilament fishing line.

Fishing lures give generally the best outcome, especially in the mountains. Colors and variations do not necessarily mean everything — presentation is more important. Herring lures are always effective, because they are long-thrown and go deep. In less water, where distance doesn't matter so much, traditional spoon spinners, wobblers, and spinners are good.

On warm days with a lot of insects on the water surface, fly imitations could be a good choice. If you're not a dedicated fly fisherman with rod, etc, floats and flies will work just as well. Variations of Streaking Caddie almost always function as an all-round fly in most of the waters within Hol Municipality.

Mild, cloudy weather with a light breeze is a good starting point for fish to bite. Do not be swayed by categorical advice and tips. The big fish has a tendency to show up when you least expect.


Good fishing!

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Sale of fishing permits:

  • Geilo Turistinformasjon
  • Geilo Sport
  • Intersport
  • Sport 1 Geilo
  • Hakkesetstølen
  • Haugastøl Turistsenter
  • Hermon Høyfjellsenter
  • Ustaoset Bensin og kiosk
  • Knuts Hyttegrend
  • Myrland
  • Øen Turistsenter
  • Skjerja
  • Tuva Turisthytte

Innoset in Hovsfjorden and Westward
Via the gravel roads in South Hovet or "Ruud Bridge", you will have good access to this stretch of river; which periodically offers fine fishing with the possibility for larger trout, especially in the lower part towards Hovsfjorden.

Fishing License: Birkelund Camping and Holestøl Apartment.

Even though Holsfjorden is located close to the FV 50 road through all of the Hol area, it can be a little challenging to find good fishing from shore if one is not a local. Access to a boat is beneficial. There is a large population of trout of fine quality, from 350 grams to close to a kilo. Larger fish of three to four kilos have also occurred. Char is frequently among the catch.

Fishing License: Among other places, Kiwi Hagafoss.

Holselva River
The inlet river to Strandafjorden has, with its burly-sized trout which wander up from the fjord periodically, become a concept for many fly fishermen. The river stretch has a strict management regime with specific rules regarding fishing methods, equipment, maximum sizes of fish, zoning, etc. Read fishing rules carefully!

Fishing License:

Tuva Cooperative
There are many possibilities in the area around the Tuva Tourist Cabin for those who want an easy terrain as well as a relatively short distance to the fishing waters, but nevertheless have the feeling of being in the Hardangervidda. The population is from dense to balanced and good.

Fishing License: Among other places, Tuva Tourist Cabin.

Dagali: Lågen from Upper Svangtjørne and Westward to Ossjøen Lake and Heinelvi
From Heinelvi in the Hardangervidda, the river makes its way via the Ossjøen Lake, where it then continues through the Seterdalen Valley, and eventually the village of Dagali. The local trout is usually smallish; but in periods, large fish wander up from nearby waters. Each year, Ossjøen Lake can show great catches taken by sport fishing equipment.

Fishing License: Joker Dagali Handel store, Dagali Hotel, Oset Fjellstue and Åan Tourist Cabin.

Lower part of Skurdalsvatnet Lake
Varied population of trout and char. Pleasant surroundings that are well-protected by pine woods on all sides.

Fishing License: Knut's Hyttegrend

Lower part of Holmevatn Lake, Skurdalen
Much of the same surroundings and fishing conditions as the above-named area.

Fishing License: Lia Fjellhotell

Other Information: Send E-mail to:
The prices for a 1-day license in the above areas are usually from NOK 50-70. Children under 16 years of age fish for free. 

Fishing licence areas disposed by Eastern Hol Hunting and Fishing Association

Most of the waters the association disposes are located within the Hallingskarvet National Park, from Ynglesdalen Valley to, among others, Kyrkjedørsvatnet Lake.

Trout is set out regularly, so that stocks are generally good and are relative to food availability. The flesh quality is generally excellent with a wonderful red color.

Fishing License: Can be bought, among other places, at Raggsteindalen Tourist Cabin, Storestølen Fjellstugu, Myrland Tourist Center, Statoil Hol and Kiwi Hagafoss.

Fishing licence areas disposed by Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association

The area consists, among others, of Ustedals watercourse; which passes centrally through Geilo. From Kikut and westover to Grødalen, we find several good waters, for example, Store Hakkeset. Above Hallingskarvet Ski Center, Halletjønn should be mentioned. North of Haugastøl are several exciting alternatives. Last, but not least, a 1-hour's hike from Tuva Tourist Cabin is the tempting Skjerja, where the average trout weight is around a kilo.

Fishing License: Among other places, diverse sports stores, Geilo Tourist Information, diverse overnight establishments.

Other Information: Via the Norwegian-language portal to the Norway's Hunting and Fishing Association,, one can find more information regarding Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association.

Budalsvatnet Lake
The lake is idyllically situated by Budalsvegen Road with lovely views to Hallingskarvet. Good stocks with some elements of large trout.

Fishing License: Can be purchased from the fishing license post at the eastern parking area.

Sudndalsfjorden Lake
Medium population, occasionally large fish. Note that parts of the lake are restricted from public use (see map on the license).

Fishing License: Myrland Tourist Center and Storestølen Fjellstugu.

Skorpa Statsalmenning - State Common
At Sveingardsbotn, north for the FV 50 road, it is possible to make your way to high alpine Skorpa. Steep, and at times, difficult terrain to hike in, but many exciting waters where the Mountain Board has stocked with fish in recent years.

Fishing License: Free pole fishing.

Bakkahellern and surrounding area
Geiteryggvatne, Bakkahellertjørnana, and Omnsvatnet Lakes lie in a fantastic mountain landscape. Especially the last named part of the area is well worth a visit. The trout population is variable, but there are big fish in this watercourse.

Fishing License: Geiteryggen Tourist Cabin.

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