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Mountain biker in mountain terrain Mountain biker in mountain terrain Mountain biker in mountain terrain
Mountain biker in mountain terrain Mountain biker in mountain terrain
Tuftelia, Geilo.
Photo: Jostein Nymoen
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Trail Riding in Geilo

TrailGeilo offers exciting possibilities for trail riding, both in the mountains and in forest terrain. Riding in Geilo

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With magnificent mountain scenery and sheltered wooded terrain, there are many possibilities for trail cycling in Geilo. Choose simple or relatively flat mountain trails or embark on a tough summit trip. 

For tips on where you can cycle in Geilo and in the rest of the Hallingdal Valley, you can check out the Trailguide for Hallingdal, made by local cycling enthusiasts. 

Where Can You Cycle?

You can cycle roads and trails in uncultivated land, which lead to outlying areas and everywhere in the mountains. However, cycling is not permitted in the Hallingskarvet National Park; and in the Hardangervidda National Park, cycling is only permitted on Tinnhølvegen Road and approved tractor roads.


The Cyclist's Trail Rules

  1. Be thoughtful and nice when meeting hikers.
  2. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  3. Limit your speed so that you are not a danger or nuisance for others, especially along roads and trails that invite high speed, or in blind stretches.
  4. Brake down to walking speed well before you pass others on a narrow trail.
  5. Do not create new tracks. If you do not have the skills to negotiate an obstacle, get off the bike.
  6. Avoid cycling on especially vulnerable trails, like in periods just after heavy precipitation.
  7. Do not make the trail wider by cycling around puddles or obstacles.
  8. Carry the bike through marshlands, so deep groves are not formed.
  9. Don't lock the back wheel down steep downhills.
  10. When two cyclists meet on a hill, the person going uphill has the right of way.
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