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Mountaing bikers on a single track Mountaing bikers on a single track Mountaing bikers on a single track
Mountaing bikers on a single track Mountaing bikers on a single track
Biking in Geilo.
Photo: Emile Holba
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Cycling in Geilo

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Try out downhill cycling or take a calm family trip. Geilo offers so many bicycle possibilities. In Geilo Summer Park, you take the chairlift and belt lift up and bike on adapted trails of varying difficulty at the ski facility. This includes 4 trails adapted for children and beginners with its own lift.

The Ustedalsfjord Round goes out from the center of Geilo and is suitable for both family outings and training rounds. Stop by Fekjo Cultural Heritage Park or go for a swim at the nice, sandy beach.

The Navvy Road (Rallarvegen) was built as a construction road for the Bergen Railway Line, and was completed in 1902. It was named by the Cyclists Association to Norway’s best bicycle route. The Navvy
Road is 80 km long and goes from Haugastøl to Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and Flåm. There are daily bicycle-train departures during the summer season if you would like to bring your own bike with you; or you can rent a bike at Haugastøl, Finse, or Geilo.

Bike Rental

Geilo Summer - Park Bike Rental
Large selection of terrain, trail, and downhill bicycles for rent. Here you will find everything you need for a successful day on a bicycle, including an authorized workshop.

Bakkestølvegen 80
Tlf: +47 32 09 00 00


Navvy Road
Bike Rental

Haugastøl Tourist Center is Norway’s largest bicycle rental. We rent out bicycles from both Haugastøl, Finse, and Flåm. As a bike rental, we are committed to providing new bicycles that are specially adapted for The Navvy Road. All of our bikes go through a full service after each trip.

3595 Haugastøl
Tlf: +47 32 08 75 64

Sykkel 1222
Bicycle rental from the hotel, Finse 1222. Also sales of necessary equipment for the bike trip, as well as bicycle workshop. Arrange everything of transport and repairs.

Tlf: + 47 56 52 71 00

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