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Made in Geilo hovedsidebilde fra Skaugum skaugum hovedside mobil
Made in Geilo hovedsidebilde fra Skaugum.
Photo: Fotograf Terje Bj?rnsen
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Made in Geilo

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Go to Geilo and enter the doors of local craftmanship workshops that produces renowned quality goods, some of them with traditions lasting longer than a hundred years.

The history of the mining activity at Hardangervidda area started 1500 years ago. Iron mining from the wet lands at Hardangervidda has been done since the iron age. Geilo has an early establishment of craftmanship and a Craft center for forging of tools for both work and leisure.

The people of Geilo are proud of their traditional products, like wood craft from Fjellform shown in signs, or printmaking blocks used for sheep skin or fabric. Make sure to visit Geilo Bunad and Bygdekunst, which in addition to being a shop, also produces and maintains the traditional Norwegian folk costume for this area.

Craftmanship factories in Geilo

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The rich craftmanship of this area says a lot about its history, its available resources and the people. Some traditions last for decades, even centuries. When you visit some of these places you will discover the development and progress they have made, and some of them also reveal parts of their heritage.

The municipality shield of Geilo shows three anvils and is a symbol of the old traditions of smithing and other proud industrial traditions in the area.

kommunevåpen Hol


Sheep skin baby stroller snuggle with prints
Sheep skin footmuff and photo: Guro Tømmerås Jørstad

Print Blocks from Fjellform on sheep skin

This method is an old Norwegian tradition, and printing on sheep skin is common in this area. In other parts of Norway they might mount woven blankets on the skinside. The workshop of Fjellform makes printmaking blocks that is used for printing on sheep skin.


Natural Resources

The traditional craftsmen of Geilo often use natural resources like iron, birch, and wool. The Norwegian folk costume, bunad, is mostly made from wool and linen. The knives of the Brusletto brand employ curly birch for their famous knife handle, and cowhide leather for their sheaths.

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Birigt W?rstad
Terje Bj?rnsen
Guro T?mmer?s J?rstad
Rune Furuseth, Geilo Trykk og Reklame
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