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Geilo turistinformasjon Geilo turistinformasjon
Geilo turistinformasjon.
Photo: Emile Holba
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Visit Geilo

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Visit Geilo AS is the destination company for Geilo and Hol Municipality. The company also operates the Tourist Information Center at Geilo. You will find Visit Geilo and the tourist information center at Reiselivssentert in Geilo city center, and you will also meet other companies.

Visit Geilo AS

Visit Geilo AS is Geilo's destination company. The company's main aim is to promote Geilo and the nearby regions as an attractive tourist destination.

The company has two major tasks: the running of the Tourist Information Office in Geilo and the promotion of Geilo as a destination.Visit Geilo AS is owned by its almost 200 members and Hol municipality. Please contact us for further information.

Contact information

The tourist information and visitor center is centrally located in Geilo, between Sport 1 and SkiGeilo.  Here you will find a good selection of travel tips and brochures for Geilo and the surrounding areas. Contact us for further information. 

Visit Geilo - Tourist information
Vesleslåttvegen 13
N-3580 Geilo
Phone: +47 32 09 59 00

Tourism Center

In Geilo center, you find the Tourism Information Center with tourist information. The Tourism Information Center is the hub for tourism, nature, management and supervision. At the Tourism Information Center, you can get tips and advice for different hiking and cross country trips. They can also answer most questions about Geilo. Check out the interactive, 3D-model of the Hallingskarvet National Park and learn more about the park. You can use the free WiFi at the Tourism Information Center and in the rest of the center of Geilo. There are also computers that you can use for free.

Picture library

Media, organizations and others can access out picture library at Contact us to get your username and password.


Visit Geilo is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse and sustainable destination.

Eco-Lighthouse logo        Sustainable destinations logo, English version


The members of Visit Geilo

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