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gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo Gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo
gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo Gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo
gala dinner at Vestlia Resort in Geilo.
Photo: Vestlia Resort
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Experience a conference in Geilo

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A conference in the mountains is probably the best thing that can happen to a company. Fresh air, lots of time to get to know each other, and beautiful surroundings, with everything you could possibly imagine of activities. Geilo offers you professional venues and organiser with long experience. World class food, good service, and enough space so that everyone can feel at ease. A conference, a meeting, or a seminar in Geilo is something that we would recommend for everyone. 

Fill your meeting or conference in the mountains with fresh thinking, lots of time to talk, and natural surroundings, with numerous options for activities – all year.

Situated midway between Oslo and Bergen, the two largest cities in Norway. Geilo offers meeting facilities, hotels and other activity providers experienced in managing large and smaller groups.

The fresh mountain air combined with lots of fun and challenging activities has made Geilo a popular venue for meetings and conferences in Norway.

Meeting participants also need some quiet time and relaxation, which they surely will get in Geilo.

Vestlia Resort - Paul Arthur Lockhart
Terje Bj?rnsen
Dr. Holms Hotel
Geilo Hotel
Ustedalen hotel
Emile Holba

Conference + Activites = True


There are many opportunities waiting for you. Try some of the 39 ski slopes, you will find your own favorite. Explore the cross country skiing trails, enjoy a cup of coffee at a café or go skiing in the floodlit trails in the evening.

Geilo is renowned as a popular skiing destination, but there are several other winter activities to do. Try dogsledding, feel the wind in your face sledding down the toboggan hill, or join a snowmobile safari in the winter landscape.

Hundeslede med Geilo Husky
Photo: Emile Holba


The summer season in Geilo has long hours of daylight, perfect to enjoy the great outdoors. The Nordic, bright evenings and nights will give you time to experience the countryside and mountains, even after long hours in a meeting.

Try whitewater rafting in the Numedalslågen river, the clear river water comes straight from Hardangervidda National Park. Experience fun and action with your team at the go karting race track. Ride a bike along Rallarvegen, Norways most famous cycling route. Hike up the Prestholt stairs, to the top of Hallingskarvet National Park, a hike with a scenic view.

Whitewater rafting in Geilo
Photo: Emile Holba

Facts about Geiloconference:

  • Geilo is located halfway between Oslo and Bergen
  • Meeting Capacity: 2-650 persons
  • 200 meters from the nearest ski lift
  • Activities all year round - There is always something to do
  • Infinite access to coffee, tea and water throughout the day course
  • Many providers of local food to special menus and great meals
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