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Skiiing and hallingskarvet Skiiing and hallingskarvet Skiiing and hallingskarvet
Skiiing and hallingskarvet Skiiing and hallingskarvet
Skiiing and hallingskarvet.
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后二黑龙江时时彩:Sustainable Destination Geilo

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Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development for Geilo and Hol Municipality 2017

The Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development is a comprehensive plan to ensure sustainable destination development in the future. 
Downloade the action plan for 2017 here

Prioritized Actions during the Process Period

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Download the whole brochure here

The Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development is a comprehensive plan to ensure sustainable destination development in the future. The plan has a long-term perspective, and the goal is continuous improvement within the 10 principles for sustainability. 

Hol Municipality and Visit Geilo have signed a partnership agreement with an overriding objective to secure long-term development of Hol Municipality as a destination. The partnership will develop attractive local communities with sustainable development both socially, economically, culturally, and environmentally, in regard to national, international, and Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development for Geilo and Hol Municipality 2014-2016 contexts. One of the actions is to qualify Geilo for the "Award for Sustainable Destination." Some of the work is to coordinate existing plans and collect the documentation needed. The goal is for Geilo, as National Park Village, and Hol, as National Park Municipality, to comply with the system to strengthen its credibility.


Sustainable Development

"A development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of coming generations to meet their own needs." (The Brundtland Report 1987)


The classic division of sustainable development—the 10 sustainability principles (WTO)


Preservation of nature, culture, and environment

1. Cultural wealth, e.g.: Local food traditions

2. Landscape's physical and visual integrity, e.g.: Welcome point in Geilo

3. Biodiversity, e.g.: Wild reindeer

4. Clean environment and resource efficiency, e.g.: Waste management


Strengthening of Social Values

5. Local quality of life and social value creation, e.g.: Meeting places

6. Local control and involvement, e.g.: Cooperation agreements

7. Job quality for tourism employees, e.g.: Kick-off for seasonal workers

8. Guest satisfaction and security, e.g.: Guest surveys


Economic Viability

9. Economically viable and competitive tourism destinations through local value creation, e.g.: Joint marketing plan for tourism in the municipality

10. Economically viable and competitive tourism businesses, e.g.: Stimulate to shop locally

Award for Sustainable Destination

• Quality brand for destinations in Norway

• Based on a standard of criteria and indicators

• In line with the 10 principles for sustainable tourism

• Assumes continuous development

All work around the Award for Sustainable Destinations is early and thoroughly anchored in the Partnership Executive Board, the Municipal Executive Board in Hol, and the Executive Board of Visit Geilo. Furthermore, the Hol Municipal Council must be kept informed during all the phases of the process.

The plan of action for sustainable destination development was developed in cooperation with the member businesses in Visit Geilo, representatives from Hol Municipality, and other participants interested in the development of Geilo and Hol Municipality.

The action plan is the starting point for the branding work from the autumn of 2014 to the spring of 2016, and is divided in line with the 5 areas in the branding scheme, with its respective principles for sustainability below these.

Priority actions in the process period:

Preservation of nature, culture and environment


Cultural Wealth

Action: Development of trail trips close to the center of Geilo, as well as the development of trails close to all of the small communities.

Involves Hol Municipality, Visit Geilo

Action: Improve the signage and information regarding cultural monuments, historical sites, flora, fauna, and national park. Management plans.

Separate project to make a template/standard.


The Landscape's Physical and Visual Integrity

Action: Establish authentic and visually-integrated welcome points to, as well as within, the National Park Village, Geilo.

Involves Hol Municipality, Visit Geilo, property owners

Priority actions in the process period


Action: Coordination and improving conditions for fishing. Involves Hol Municipality, Teams/Associations, Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association, property owners

Action: Clearing and facilitating for activities at Slåttahølen/Fetahølen and surrounding areas. Involves Hol Municipality, Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association, property owners


Environment and Resource Efficiency

Action: Reduce energy use in the tourism businesses. Involves tourism operators, Hol Municipality, Ustekveikja Energi

Action: Better organization of waste management and recycling for businesses and cabin areas. Involves Hol Municipality, tourism operators, Hallingdal Renovasjon

Local Quality of Life and Social Added Value

Action: Establish public health as a basic principle and way of life. Involves Hol Municipality, local residents


Local Control and Involvement

Action: Maintain and further develop hosting courses that include knowledge about sustainable tourism development. Involves Visit Geilo, Hol Municipality, tourism operators, cabin occupants


Job Quality for Tourism Employees

Action: Kick-off for seasonal workers. Involves tourism operators, Visit Geilo, Hol Municipality


Guest Satisfaction and Safety; Experience Quality

Action: Develop and promote 5 good reasons to stay one more day. Involves Visit Geilo, tourism operators

Economic viability


Economically Viable and Competitive Tourism Destinations through Local Value Creation

Action: Incorporate increasing membership dues among the member businesses in a 3-year period to ensure that the destination company is viable. Involves Visit Geilo, member businesses


Economically Viable and Competitive Tourism Businesses

Action: Preparations for product development between the seasons. Involves activity businesses, Visit Geilo


Contact Info

Project Owner:          Visit Geilo

Project Manager:       Tove Sletto Medhus, Høve Støtt Hallingdal

Prosess Supervisor:   Anne Dorte Carlson, Occasio Consulting

Steering Committee:  Tony Kjøl – Mayor of Hol Municipality, Elfrid Tufte Bere – Geilo Tourist Information Office, Svein Tore Valde – Geilo Sport (Board Member in Visit Geilo), Pål Knutsson Medhus – Director of Tourism/General Manager in Visit Geilo, Toini Ness and Thomas Ruud – Innovation Norway 

Feedback and input:, tlf: +47-32 09 59 00

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