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Reception Clarion Hotel Reception Clarion Hotel Reception Clarion Hotel
Reception Clarion Hotel Reception Clarion Hotel
Reception Clarion Hotel in Trondheim.
Photo: Nordic Choice Hotels
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Norway Convention Bureau (NCB)

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Norway Convention Bureau (NCB) and their partners promote Norway as an international meetings destinations. They can help you to find the right venue for your event in Norway.

NCB acts as a central point of contact for event organisers interested in Norway, providing neutral advice and putting you in contact with the best suppliers for your needs, thus helping you make the right decisions for your event.

As the official representatives of the international meetings industry in Norway, NCB is experienced at dealing with all requests professionally and promptly, right down to the smallest detail. What's more, with a broad portfolio of established partners across the conference sector, NCB can guarantee a successful meeting.

Norway has a wide selection of high-quality hotels, as well as excellent event facilities - the perfect destination to unwind from the hectic everyday routines back home. NCB is always happy to provide a first-hand introduction to all that Norway has to offer.

Free advice

NCB can provide free advice if you are:

  • A member of an international organisation, association or society
  • Engaged in company policy, sports or cultural work
  • A meeting planner or organiser of meetings, events or conferences


NCB is a member-based organisation with 21 partners and acts as an umbrella body for the Norwegian conference industry. NCB is affiliated with ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and UIA (Union of International Associations).

Oslo view from Holmenkollen
Meeting with a view in Oslo
Terje Rakke/Nordic Life -
Trondheim from above
mfon / Foap /
Tromso meeting
Meeting in Troms?
CH -
Kayaking Lofoten
Kayaking in the Lofoten Islands
Tomasz Furmanek

Contact information

Norway Convention Bureau (NCB)
Karenslyst Allé 4 
NO-0278 Oslo
Phone: +47 21 06 32 12 

You can also contact NCB staff directly:

Frode Aasheim 
Managing Director 
Phone: +47 92 83 38 52 

Elisabeth Bugge 
Manager Conventions 
Phone: +47 98 48 00 50 

Birgitte Nestande
Project Manager Events
Phone: +47 93 60 66 71

Local convention bureaus

Local convention bureaus provide free advice to help you plan your event in Norway and put you in contact with the best suppliers in your chosen area.

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